DES realizes the importance of risk management and loss control to a client company’s business. In an ever increasingly complex business environment, most company owners do not have the time, funds, training, or expertise to establish and effectively utilize a risk management loss control program.

Our professional employer organization risk managers have developed and successfully implemented a thorough risk management and loss control program that will effectively address a customer’s related concerns. Coupled with a client specific task management safety program, you will have a plan customized to meet your company’s safety and risk management needs.

Risk management is:

  • Define areas of potential loss
  • Develop a plan to better control or eliminate loss
  • Implement the plan
  • Continue to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness

Some Features of the Risk Management, Loss Control, and Task Management System:

  • Client specific safety/task management manual and assistance with implementing the program
  • Tracking injuries, losses, and performance
  • Providing feedback to clients
  • Developing and implementing an organized structure to identify proper and practical work methods using input from employees and management
  • Provide assistance with OSHA regulatory compliance
  • Provide end-of-year OSHA 300 information
  • Regular job-site visits
  • Quarterly client review

DES believes in responsible participation by all three parties: the PEO, the client, and the employee. It is a hand-in-hand approach to risk management and loss control. Responsible participation by everyone leads to a safer work environment and better loss control.

DES is an industry leader committed to providing a high level of service to its clients.
We can help with Loss Control, customizable task management systems and Risk Management.