Human Resource Management Services in San Antonio

Increasing profitability, delivering products and services, and improving market share are core areas of your business that demand your constant focus. On the other hand, handling human resource issues, while important, are non-productive tasks that divert your attention from revenue-producing to cost-producing functions. You can simplify your business by letting the professionals at DES Business Solutions, San Antonio based PEO Company, assist you with all of your human resource concerns.

Why Does My Business Need Human Resource Management?

It’s important for any successful business to attract and retain quality employees. DES Business Solutions offers businesses in San Antonio custom services formulated to help employers handle every facet of HR Management. Whether it is screening and recruiting candidates, the hiring process and training, to maintaining happy and productive employees, choose DES Business Solutions for your human resources management.

Consultative Services

  • Advise management and employees
  • Provide toll-free number for employee questions

Employment Policy

  • Customize Employee Handbooks and Management Guidebooks
  • Conduct HR compliance assessment and provide recommendations
  • Advise on new policies and procedures
  • Assure compliance with employment posting requirements

Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Advise on responses to government inquiries
  • Conduct internal investigations for management
  • Advise on ADA compliance

Governmental Compliance

  • Limits of $1,000,000 including defense
    • EEOC
    • OSHA
    • FMLA

Employment Practice Liability

  • Assistance with compliance issues related to:
  • Coverage with a top rated insurance carrier
  • Protection from lawsuits for claims, such as:
    • Wrongful refusal to employ a qualified applicant
    • Wrongful failure to promote a qualified employee
    • Wrongful termination including retaliatory and constructive discharge
    • Harassment, coercion, discrimination, humiliation as a consequence of race, color, creed, or nationality


  • Maintain I-9 to ensure compliance with federal regulations
  • Advise on responses to government audits
  • Represent client during document inspection by INS

Employment Classifications

  • Advise on employee classifications
  • Advise on Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) compliance
  • Advise on job structure, levels, and job descriptions
  • Process new hire documentation
  • Create and maintain personnel files and database in compliance with federal regulations
  • Advise of Fair Labor Standards

Compensation Policy

  • Advise on reward and recognition activities
  • Communicate with affected employee
  • Calculate required payments
  • Process documents and remit payments

Garnishments & Court Orders

  • Advise on legal requirements
  • Process documents

Performance Reviews

  • Advise on performance reviewing and improvement
  • Conduct problem investigations and recommendation
  • Advise on improving employee communications

Progressive Discipline

  • Advise on discipline steps and documentation
  • Advise on corrective action


  • Process termination documents
  • Advise on termination guidelines and documentation

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