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Below you’ll find common PEO terms and definitions.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance coverage encompasses a large part of business expenses for any company. Workers CompensationInsurance covers an employer if an employee is injured on the job. A PEO ensures an effective and well-managed system, where workers compensation is handled most efficiently. A PEO in San Antonio, TX can also improve business cash inflow by eliminating expensive down-payments and final audits associated with workers compensation policies.


What is Factoring?

  1. Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable (i.e your invoices) for immediate cash.
  2. Factoring is a time-honored financial tool companies use to help meet their cash flow needs.
  3. Factoring is not a loan. It is immediate cash for the sale of an invoice that you own and you are not limited in how you use the funds that you receive.

How does factoring work?

  1. You submit an application.
  2. We review the application.
  3. When approved, you send us the invoices (accounts receivable) for which you want cash.
  4. Once certain requirements are met, we write you a check within 24 hours.
  5. When the invoices are paid, we pay you the balance of the invoices minus our nominal fee.
  6. When you factor, you are not increasing your debt and there are no monthly payments. You gain more control over your cash flow by determining which invoices to sell and when to sell them.

There are many benefits to factoring with DES Business Solutions

  1. Cash Flow: Instead of waiting for your customers to pay their invoices, factoring provides immediate cash you can use to achieve your business objectives.
  2. Opportunities: With cash flow tied to your sales (invoices), you can take advantage of growth opportunities including new sales and marketing initiatives, equipment for expansion, securing new accounts, and additional inventory.
  3. Loans or Borrowing – Many lenders avoid small and medium-sized businesses, especially you companies. Factoring offers you the working capital your business needs without the limitations that usually accompany other forms of financing.
  4. Operating Expenses – Use the cash from factoring to qualify for cash discounts from suppliers and eliminate the overhead of the collection process.
  5. Tax Reduction- In most cases our fees are tax deductible.
  6. Liquidity- With cash on hand, you can quickly pay your bills (and take advantage of your supplier’s discounts), pay your payroll and even pay your taxes.
  7. A Better Balance Sheet- Because factoring is not a loan, there is no need to make payments or create debt for your business and most important, you aren’t limited in how you use the funds.