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Oftentimes in business, everything doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes one end of a transaction doesn’t, or can’t, keep up its end of the bargain. When customers of your company neglect to pay or cannot pay their outstanding balances, it doesn’t mean financial trouble for just them. Your business can suffer as well. If you don’t receive payment for your products or services, keeping up with basic operational costs, like paying your employees, can suddenly become a daunting task.

What most companies in San Antonio, both small and large, don’t realize is there’s a way to get the money owed to them immediately. Businesses in need of a fast solution to payment problems can sell their invoices for cash to local factoring companies or professional employer organizations that offer factoring services.

What’s factoring and how can it help your business?

By definition, factoring is “the business of purchasing and collecting accounts receivable or of advancing cash on the basis of accounts receivable.” If that’s not straightforward enough, we can really break it down.

The job of a factoring company in San Antonio is a simple one – to solve your business’s cash flow issues, starting with invoices. So how do you attain quick cash on those invoices that have been giving you trouble? Invoice factoring, of course! When your company sells their invoices to a third-party factoring company or PEO, you can stop worrying and start collecting. The factoring company will foot nearly all the bill and take over the invoice themselves. This means you can quit waiting around on customers to pay up and put your hard earned money to good use.

Factoring services come in especially handy in construction jobs. Construction companies have to foot the majority of project costs up front. Waiting on invoices can stall and even prevent a company from taking on more jobs. Construction factoring erases the wait time for payday and allows construction companies to accept more projects. As San Antonio expands, this is more and more important.

When you’re ready to ditch the stress of the invoice waiting game and keep your business moving forward, contact a San Antonio factoring company. You can leave the collecting up to them, put your hard-earned money to work and watch your business grow.

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